Now For Sale: Olive Tree's PS Actions!

I've had many people remark on the loveliness of my photos on my personal blog, HorseFeathers. But you know what a huge part of getting a good image is?

That's right. Image editing.

Which is why I have decided to finally put on the market my very own set of actions!

These beauties make image editing easy. Just click a button and voilá! A lovely, professional-looking photograph is created.

My actions will work with Adobe Photoshop CS (Version 8.0) and up. So pretty much all of Photoshop.

This set is called "Vintage Magic" because it contains 15 actions to add that nostalgic, magical look to your photos.

The best part? It's only $7.00!

In addition to the actions below, the set contains a "Back to the Beginning" action (which will erase all edits on your photo and go to the last saved version, very handy when testing new techniques) and a "Flatten" action, which will compress all layers on the file into one, for handy JPEG saving.

(once you click that button and pay, I will send you the download link where you can get the actions.)

the original photograph.
"Back in B&W" gives a high-contrast, gritty feel to your photos.
"Burn the Edge" gives a nice vignette.
"Cooler Than You" cools down a too-warm photo, or adds a 70's-ish feel to any picture.
"Ethereal B&W" was used to edit all these photos.
"Faded Glory" keeps details sharp but adds a soft glow to the photo, creating a magical look.
"Faerie Magic" sharpens and edits your image so that only warm tones remain. This makes reds really pop!
"Indoor Lighting Fix" is a handy-dandy solution to that horrible, dark, yellowish tone caused by artificial lighting.
Obviously this photo does not benefit from it, but all of my photos taken indoors use this action.
"Lighten Up" does exactly what it sounds like — slightly lightens your image. 
"My My, Time Flies" gives an utterly lovely, vintage feel to any photo. (And yes, it is named for the Enya song.)
"Retro Glamour" is another vintage action that gives that 70's/80's tone to your photos.
"Snapdragon Petals" is a favorite of mine — it darkens darks, lightens lights, and gives an irrisistable vintage tinge.
"Vintage Candy" is a lovely little action that adds a sweet, warm tone to your photo.
"Warm Hug" is a beautiful fix that makes any photo seem friendlier — it adds a warm tone and lightens the picture.
Ready to buy? Just click below and you're off!