Portfolio Post: What Are the Chances?

Thanks to everyone who bought during the sale! It went great and helped pay for (part of) my new MacBook and Photoshop CS5 (no longer shall I flounder in the restrictions of plain ole CS and my 2003 PowerBook!) — every little bit counts. (There is a donate button in the sidebar if you want to contribute a dollar or two to keep Robin up and running... I'm working on a big release of freebies and tutorials for you that will be posted over the weekend!)

Two of the designs I was hired to do, oddly enough, both chose the same kit to do their design with! I love it myself and am totally 100% pleased with both of them. It was tricky making sure they were both very different, but I think I did all right.

And here's one from a little while ago... I loved working with typography on this one, it indulges my inner fontgeek. (The "grace" is actually two different fonts: Organic for the g and Perpetua Tilting {if my memory serves} for the "RACE".)

I have another one I am thrilled to work on just in planning right now, but I'll show you the mockup anyway... I've always loved clouds... Who knows if the lovely lady this is for will like this version of her design, but I sure do...