the whole to-do

Wonder how all this works? Before you go and order, read through this:

1) First, you'll need to decide if you'd like a full design or if you want to buy one or two á la carte items. Whatever you decide, make note of that.

2) Email me with your email form. We'll chat a wee bit, and decide exactly what you want — few people have everything laid out from the very beginning.

3) I request a $35 down payment plus the cost of materials before I start working — better safe than sorry. I will send you the invoice and the money will be transferred to my PayPal account. (For á la carte items I request a 50% down payment on items over $15... otherwise all is paid at the beginning.)

4) Then we begin working. I'll send you a mock-up or two until you're happy. The limit is five — after that each mockup is an extra $10.

5) Then, I'll install it for you! I'll fix is up so it's just perfect.

6) When it's all finished, I'll request the other $35 (50% for á la carte) of my payment.

7) Then we're all done! If you wouldn't mind sending a little review if you're happy, I'd love it.

NOTICE: Please double-check that you have a PayPal account or that someone you know will let you use their PayPal account. I can't do credit cards or other methods of payment, so please check before you order.

The Nit-Picky Stuff (aka, Terms of Use in Littler Letters)

  1. If you are the winner of a giveaway/free design, you have one week to tell me about anything you need/want changed. After that I have to draw the line — sorry!
  2. If you change any code or alignment of elements installed during your blog makeover, I am no longer responsible for fixing anything that may get messed up.
  3. Due to the nature of the product, I cannot refund/exchange the package you purchase (in whole or in part) or the materials purchased to make the design. 
  4. If payment is not completed after the design is installed, and you ignore any attempts to contact you, I reserve the right to temporarily suspend your design. I will install a replacement header, background, and notice saying that you need to pay me. I will wait one month after completion of the design to do this. Your design will be reinstated upon payment.
  5. However, those who purchase the package are given one month of "fix-it" help... if you realize something in the design isn't working or decide you'd like something (MINOR) changed. {I may decline a request; see #2.} After this period you may purchase any revisions or additions á la carte.
  6. After this two-month period I delete all login information. I will never use this information without you knowing.
  7. If you reset your template or install a new template, removing or editing my code/designs, I am no longer responsible for any edits or reinstallation.
  8. All graphics and code is (c) Olivia Collins unless otherwise noted. You may not use your design to create graphics or hire another designer to create a matching accessory/look. You may not copy or use any part of code I install on your blog, whether it is part of your HTML or a widget. If I find that you have done this, I will request that you take it down. Failure to comply will result in a long heckling campaign which is unpleasant for all involved. (You don't really want me to set my army of fruit bats after you, do you?)
  9. Wait time will vary. I usually design just one or two blogs a week, and since I am in school I work mostly on the weekends. If I am unable to work a certain week, I will make sure to tell you. Most designs are finished within a week or two. Paying customers receive priority over giveaway winners.
  10. And finally, I have the power to decline a design as I see fit. I will not design blogs that are racist, sexist, pornographic, or illegal in content. I do not have to tell you why I decline to do a design.